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Isabella R

Location: Auckland
Type of Disability: Mental Health
Disability: Dyslexia, Anxiety, PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)

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Isabella knows a lot about video games and loves to play them. She also loves drawing and digital drawing.

Passionate about animals

Isabella loves animals, particularly dogs. She is also someone who loves to make people laugh and always tries to make people happy.

Dream career

Isabella’s dream career would be connected with drawing, or to be an illustrator. We’re honoured to have Isabella in our team and love her being part of it.

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  1. Hi Isabella. I heard about the Cookie Project for the first time on the news last week and can’t wait to try the cookies we’ve ordered. I wanted to say hi because I read on your profile that you love animals, especially dogs. Our whole family really love animals too, but dogs are our favourite. We’ve got a very cool dog called Mocha who was a stray that we adopted from the SPCA. She’s very sweet natured and loves tummy rubs! We think she’s probably a staffy crossed with a greyhound but it’s all a bit of a guess! Have an awesome week and happy baking! Monique from Lower Hutt 🙂

  2. Hi Isabella, I just had some of your cookies at a film showing about disabilities. Just wanted to say the cookies are delicious and beautiful! Thank you so much for them 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Isabella! I was so delighted to scan the QR code and realise you had made my cookies! I wonder if they were a batch we worked on together? I really enjoyed volunteering and meeting and chatting with you. Keep up the great work you do.

  4. Hi Bella!

    I just got my cookie cups in the mail! Thank you so much for baking them. They are a present and I know my dad will love them! Great work ☺️

  5. Hey Isabella, a beautiful human gave me some of your delicious cookies today, THEY ARE SO YUM! I had to try them straight away, now I can’t wait to go home and have them with a cup of tea 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful baking.

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