Monali P

Location: Auckland
Type of Disability: Sensory
Disability: Blind

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Monali is a really quick learner and loves a challenge. She’s also skilled in communication and understanding others.

What her hobbies are

Monali has the hobbies of reading and music, and solving problems. And conveniently, she also likes to bake.

An honour for us

We’re really honoured to have Monali in our team and love her being part of it.

Comments 6

  1. Hi Monali. I’ve just ordered some cookies and requested you as our baker. I saw that you have similar interests to me, I also love reading and love most types of music. We only found out about the Cookie Project last week on the news (along with lots of other New Zealanders!), it sounds like an amazing business. Have a fantastic week, Monique

  2. Hi Monali, I have just placed an order for some cookies and requested you as our baker. The Cookie Project sounds like an amazing employer and great initiate. Can’t wait to taste the cookies and maybe I will share them with others. Cheers, Belinda

  3. hey monali
    Thanks for the cookies its your brother here I am taking these yummy cookies to india next week i hope my family and friends will love it keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Monali,
    Thanks for making us some amazingly delicious cookies!
    We had them at our work meeting and they were everyone’s favourite! 🙂

  5. Kia ora monali nice to see you what a lovely comment. So nice to hear you are working in such a happy work environment. No wonder these biscuits are delicious. Made with love. Arohanui

  6. Hi Monali, I received the cookies you baked as my goodie for the Cookie Project’s PledgeMe crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for your delicious cookies, my family and I ate the whole bag in only a few minutes. Yummy yum yum 🤤!

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