Ngā Hou M

Location: Auckland
Type of Disability: Cognitive
Disability: Fetal alcohol syndrome

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Ngā Hou loves to work with animals and loves baking. She took her first flight this year and can’t wait to get on the plane again.

What her hobbies are

Ngā Hou loves to sing, loves to dance, and loves her horses. She keeps active by swimming throughout the year.

Dream job

Ngā Hou hopes have her own farm one day where she can also bake cookies at the farm café.

Comments 32

    1. Well done Nga Hou. Your cookies are delicious. We have just watched your video, very interesting and your story is amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. My husband Keith and I would love to visit your kitchen and meet you again. We met you yesterday at the Chinese New year festival.
      Take care

  1. Hi Nga Hou, I just had some of your cookies at a film showing about disabilities. Just wanted to say the cookies are delicious and beautiful! Thank you so much for them 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Nga Hou, I just tried some of your lovely cookies and they were so nice. My husband couldn’t stop eating them. We finished the bag in one go. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you very much, the cookies are awesome. The whole family’s sat around the table enjoying them. Better than what you can buy in the store!

  4. Santa cookies were so delicious. Taste tested every last crumb for Santa. Just as well we have more. Thanks for the homemade tasting treats

  5. Awesome work with the cookies Nga Hou! Had the original butter cookies you made and it was delicious as! Thank you and hope you enjoy your holiday season 🙂

  6. Thank you for my cookies Ngā!! I love them and feel very grateful that you made them for me!
    Thanks so much xx

  7. Happy new year Nga Hou. Our work team has been loving your cookies today, thank you so much and keep it up 👍🏼

  8. This bag of peanut butter cookies 🍪 sealed all your love and passion – Thank you for making and baking them Ngā Hou ❤
    Your dreams will come true one day!

  9. Kia ora Ngā Hou, saw you last week and just wanted to say your cookies are absolutely delicious! Love your spirit and manaakitanga 💛

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