Parveen S

Location: Auckland
Type of Disability: Sensory
Disability: Blind

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Parveen not only works at The Cookie Project (which is really awesome for us) he also works at Dans Le Noir at Rydges Hotel in Auckland.

Brilliant cricketer

Parveen is the star cricketer in our team. He plays blind cricket and has played in two World Cups for the Blind Caps.

And there’s more

It’s not just cricket that Parveen is into. He also plays lawn bowls, indoor bowls, hockey and blind soccer.

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  1. Hey Parveen,

    Thanks for the awesome cookies. I sure they will go down as delicious treat for my flatmates. It was very encouraging to read your story. Remember it’s not the individual with impairments that needs to conform to society rather it’s society that needs to accommodate diversity this includes different individual’s abilities. Often people look at individual and say the problem lies with them but actually the problem is with the environment that doesn’t allow for diversity! Keep up the good work and never allow people to tell you that you can’t because you can!


    1. Thank you. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cookies. Don’t forget to buy some more hehe 😉

  2. Dear Parveen,
    Enrique just gave me your cookies, the cookies made it all the way to Saigon in Vietnam. My team and I operate the Noir. Dining in the Dark, employing blind staff. We also have a restaurant and a flower shop employing deaf staff. In October this year we start a spa with blind therapists.
    Your cookies are awesome and my team and I are halfway the bag already. Just delicious or as we say in Vietnamese; qua ngon!
    On my next visit to Auckland I would love to pass by and say hello in person.
    Until then, xin chao!

    1. Xin chào Germ, cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều. It’s good to hear that you also employs people with disabilities, and I’m working as a part-time guide waiter in Dans Le Noir restaurant at the Rydges hotel in Auckland. I’m looking forward to seeing you in NZ at The Cookie Project Kitchen.

  3. Hiya Parveen, I was lucky enough to purchase some of your cookies today in Christchurch from a Trade Aid store. Half of the bag is already gone because they were so delicious. Well done mate on both your personal and professional achievements. The Cookie Project are lucky to have you!

  4. Thank you for making my cookies.
    My God mother bought them for my Christmas present. They taste really good and I can’t stop eating them!😁

    1. Hey Motiana, I’m glad that you enjoy the cookies during Christmas. Stay tuned for our 2020 Christmas product.

  5. Hey friend~ Thanks for my yummy gluten-free choc chip cookies. Getting me through the workday until I have my lunch break haha. Will need to come make cookies with you in the kitchen again sometime soon. Appreciate you!

  6. Hi Parveen

    Delicious cookies – well done on your baking skills.
    The peanut butter cookies were such a treat on an all weekend course!

  7. Hi Parveen,

    Thanks so much for the delicious cookies – we can’t stop eating them!

    They’re like a cover drive off the fast bowler: sweet every time.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Parveen! So great to see you again today! I’ve shared your delicious cookies with the kind folk I’m staying with and told them all about you. I look forward to returning for the chance to Beat the Baker – with one hand tied behind your back though as promised! 😂 Love Jenn x

  9. Hi Parveen,

    Thanks for the cookies, they’re incredible! Best peanut butter cookie I’ve ever had.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey Parveen, I bought a box of your cookies today and oh my gosh, they were delicious!! My favourite are definitely Rudolph’s reward. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! Laura

  11. Thank you so much for your amazing effort in making the delicious cookies we were given! Such a brilliant organisation! Your baking skills beat mine hands down! Have a lovely Christmas and health and blessings to you and your family xx

  12. Hi Parveen,

    Thanks for baking these cookies, I am taking them as a gift for my teacher.

    My Dad tells me you are a very fast baker and that you have a talking watch!

    Have a great Christmas.

    Lots of Love,


  13. Hey Praveen
    I’m only young and I really enjoyed ur cookies they were delicious 😋 I’m really inspired by u and keep up the great work 😊

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