Stacey D

Location: Auckland
Type of Disability: Physical
Disability: Kidney failure

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Stacey has been volunteering all her life until she joined us a baker from mid 2019. Since then, she has developed self-confidence and is no longer dependent on social benefits and got married in early 2020!

Greeting Cards

Stacey enjoys going to the movies and making her own greeting cards.

Dream career

Stacey never had a dream career but because of her attitude and passion, she’s been selected to be trained up as the next Cookie Captain.

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  1. Hi Stacey,

    I loved spending time with you in the kitchen last year, and it’s great to hear you got married! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and I can’t wait to try your cookies again!

    1. Hi Serena it was great seeing you at the cookie project as well as the sign language Lesson this week.

    2. Congratulations on your achievements!! Amazing Cookies that I brought today at the food show! Thank you and merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for inviting us to your local chapter of Women’s Institute. We are very honoured to be there and enjoy meeting all the amazing friends who have known you since you were little. Thank You for being part of the team at The Cookie Project! Big hugs 🤗 from the two Chiefs!

    1. Hi Eric and Graeme i would like to say how much my w.I Ladies enjoy the talk you did and were very impressed with what you have done and will be doing in the future. I hope that doing a good job. They with how much the cookie project has brought me out of my shell. They were amazed with how much the cookie project has given me so much more confidence in myself and talking in front of a big group of people.

    2. Wow! What a lot of new achievements Stacey. Congratulations on becoming a Cookie Captain and your marriage announcement. Thanks so much for being part of a great team. I love what you’re doing. And thank you for yummy Christmas cookies 🙂

  3. Kia Ora Stacey,

    It’s such a blessing to you know. I remember every time I come into the kitchen and see your smile, it just brightens up the whole kitchen. ☺️ Can’t wait to see you again in the kitchen and eat your yummy cookies !!

  4. Hi Stacey,

    I bought a packet of cookies that you made from the food show yesterday to bring for my new work team.

    They are so delicious! So much nicer than the other cookies I tried at the food show. Thanks for making them so perfectly. Everyone is really enjoying them.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. Hi Stacey D. Thank you for working so hard on making these wonderful cookies. They are an absolute delight and they will bring smiles to my family’s faces this evening! Keep up the great work! Marc

  6. Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for baking these lovely cookies.

    I am taking them as a present for my teacher and will tell her all about The Cookie Project…I hope she shares them 😉

    Have a great Christmas.



  7. Thanks for the yummy cookies!! I got them for Christmas and had my first one on boxing day morning with a coffee… They are delicious and probably won’t last long!
    Merry Christmas and thanks again!!

  8. Hi Stacey,
    Your cookies are delicious! I received the bag as a Christmas gift and my family have just sat down to enjoy them with a cup of tea! Big thumbs up from us 😊👍

  9. Hey Stacey, I just wanted to say how much my daughters and I adored your cards you make. We bought some the other week and I can’t bare to use them as that means I have to give them away. They’re currently in my car so I can see them every day, it’s like my cars very own artwork collection.

  10. Hi Stacey-

    We picked up a package of peanut butter cookies at Pic’s on a whim. The cookies were absolutely delicious! Since baking is a hobby of my own, I’m always sceptical about premade baked goods, but the cookies were so good! You’ve definitely made a fan and it is so awesome knowing a little more about the person behind the baking.

  11. Hi Stacey,
    My son has chosen a bag of chocolate chip cookies that made from you.
    It is absolutely delicious and he loved it so much.
    We hope your marriage is as beautiful as these cookies. 😊
    All the best for 2021!

  12. Thank you for helping us around the kitchen when we were making those delicious cookies! Your friendliness and positivity was much appreciated. I also bought a bag of your cookies and my family loves it!

  13. Hi Stacey,

    Its Simon from The Colour Code – I am just sharing a bag of your cookies at a meeting in Auckland.

    They said they were delicious amd loved hearing about The Cookie Project.

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