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People with Disabilities

The Cookie Project provides paid work experience to people with disabilities. We don’t ask for a resume nor do we conduct screening interviews. As long as you’re aged 16 and above with a disability, you’re welcome to join us at our kitchen just off K’Rd. You will start out as a Cookie Apprentice with a logbook to track your progress through the following ranks:

  • Cookie Cadet with a cap after completing ten sessions
  • Cookie Officer with a T-shirt after completing twenty sessions
  • Cookie Captain with a personalised apron after completing thirty sessions
  • Because our cookies are baked on demand, the work roster is therefore
    dependant on the orders that we receive. We aim to allocate a fair roster to
    everyone so that everyone has an opportunity to come and work in our kitchen.

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Volunteers or Cookie Champions

  • The Cookie Project welcomes volunteers, or as we like to call them, Cookie Champions to visit our kitchen and spend social time with people with disabilities. People with disabilities are often excluded from society because of their disabilities, which leads to isolation and loneliness. We help to breakdown these social stigma and create positive perception by having Cookie Champions as buddies in our kitchen, simply by having a conversation and taking an interest in the day to day lives of people with disabilities.
  • To date, we have over 40 Cookie Champions and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 80% of our Cookie Champions have never worked with people with disabilities and most of them have come back on a regular basis to champion for people with disabilities. The shared experience helps to make Cookie Champions become a more compassionate person and a more inclusive attitude towards everyone.

Cookie Champion


Cafe Partners

  • The Cookie Project is a new social enterprise looking to scale up its impact and help provide employment to people with disabilities in New Zealand. At a conservative estimate, there are at least 500,000 people with disabilities who are unemployed, and many of those who are currently employed are often bullied by their employers.
  • We are currently looking for Café Partners to join us and help to provide employment pathways for people with disabilities, starting with pledging 2 hours of paid work experience a week over a pilot period of up to 8 weeks. We will work with you to understand the possible roles in your café and develop the required skills in our kitchen.

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