Pride Cookies – Rainbow Hearts


One glass jar of Rainbow Striped Heart cookies or Rainbow Mini Heart cookies for $49.90.
Rainbow Striped Heart cookies includes 20 pieces of our most intricate designs in TCP history.
Rainbow Mini Heart cookies includes 30 hearts and 10 surprise message cookies to show kindness.

– Celebrate the diversity of Aotearoa with our rainbow coloured and heart-shaped Pride Cookies!

– These are made with the same signature cookie dough you all know and love, using Lewis Road Creamery butter.

– Custom packaging and co-branding available for corporate events / initiatives.

– Please note that due to courier complications, the Rainbow Striped Heart Jar can only be picked up from Gate A, Eden Park.



We are thrilled to introduce our 2021 Pride Cookies, truly one of our most complex and intricate designs in the history of TCP.

At The Cookie Project, we live by a set of organisational values to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone has a sense of belonging. We are very proud to show support for the 20% of our organisation who identify with the LGBTIQ+ community, by creating these heart-shaped rainbow cookies.

These cookies require many steps, patience and time. Take a look at the images below for a snapshot of just a handful of steps needed to get from dough to jar!










We followed the six colours in the rainbow pride flag that was established in 1978: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony and purple for spirit.

Show your support for the LGBTIQ+ community in Aotearoa by sharing these delicious cookies that are changing the lives of Kiwis with disabilities!

If you require a larger bulk order of our Pride Cookies in different packaging, please contact us for a quote.

Ingredients: Butter, almond, cornflour, wheat flour, icing sugar, food-safe natural dye.

Allergen statement: Contains dairy, gluten and tree nuts. May be present: egg, soy, peanuts, honey, sesame seeds.

Social ROI: Each jar generates at least 30 minutes of employment for Kiwis with disabilities.