Baking In The Dark


Now accepting group bookings of 2 to 12 people per seating

  • Special launch price of $49 per person. Normal price $69 per person.
  • First of its kind in the world, one hour guided experience of baking cookies without any sight or vision to immerse yourself in our bakers’ shoes of being blind or low-vision
  • Opportunity to hear our bakers’ stories, break down social stigma about people with disabilities and create social inclusion at the same time.
  • Each session generates 6 hours of meaningful employment for up to 2 bakers with disabilities who are paid a decent wage of $20 an hour.
  • Every Friday at Eden Park 6pm – 7pm. Plenty of free parking and accessible.
  • Great for families, friends, birthdays, and corporate team-building.

For corporate bookings, we welcome group bookings of 12 people, anytime between Mondays and Thursdays 9am to 12pm for 1.5 hours. Please contact us via



We’ve been piloting a few sessions and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This is our new baking innovation that we’re introducing to New Zealand and the world to help breakdown social stigma and let us our bakers show you how our cookies are changing their lives.


The Story Behind Baking In The Dark

This new concept is inspired by our first blind baker – Parveen Shankar.

Co-founder Eric first heard about Dans le Noir? (Dining In The Dark?) through the 2018 Attitude Awards, where they were named as a finalist for the ACC Employer Award category. So Eric decided to organise a group booking for Dans le Noir? Auckland to celebrate his friend’s birthday in December 2018. Parveen was assigned as their host and they instantly established a strong friendship and they smashed the longest dining time, clocking in at 3.5 hours!

When Parveen shared that his dream job is to be a blind baker, Eric decided to invite him to the kitchen to have a go.

Within an hour of checking us out at our previous kitchen at Eat My Lunch, he was able to establish the surroundings and work out his pathways and boundaries.

Words like “I can’t”, “too hard” or “impossible” do not exist in Parveen’s vocabulary. His can-do attitude and burning passion to learn everything landed him a job with us as our first blind baker.

The news team at NZ Herald heard about this and even came to our kitchen to cover a story about Parveen and his sensory disability of losing 100% of his sight in a car accident.

Parveen continued to step up over the following months and even started to train other blind or low vision bakers.

With Parveen’s record of people leadership, team management, and easy-going personality, co-founders Eric and Graeme believe Parveen has what it takes to help co-develop a new kind of brand experience that helps others to live in his world, learn more about the blind and low vision community, and provide a truly unique entertainment and education experience.

What was Parveen’s response when we suggested the idea of Baking In The Dark?

Parveen answered with zero hesitation: “Sure. No problem. I’ll give it my best shot.”

That’s how Baking In The Dark was born. We are now ready to release early bird tickets.

Questions? Just pop them in the inquiry form or email us

    Ingredients: You will be provided with cookie dough made from butter, almond, cornflour, wheat flour, and icing sugar. You will also be provided with a range of toppings that may vary from time to time. They typically include various types of chocolate, nuts, and berries.

    We only use quality and ethical ingredients from local Kiwi brands. We are proud to bake with butter from Lewis Road Creamery, dark chocolate that is fairly traded and organic from Trade Aid, peanut butter from Pic’s Peanut Butter, and flour from Champion.

    Please advise us in the booking if you have any allergen requirements.

    Social ROI: Each session generates 6 hours of meaningful employment for up to 2 bakers with disabilities who are paid a decent wage of $20 an hour.