Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 packs)


Price for 3 bags is $39.90. Save 5%!

An all time favourite, our chocolate chip flavour is a crowd-pleaser using our cookie dough made with Lewis Road Creamery butter.

To ensure we deliver the best chocolate chip flavour, we ran multiple blind taste test using all the most premium chocolates from New Zealand and all our tasters unanimously chose this version of the choc chip cookies.


We use Trade Aid single-origin organic chocolate drops that has a unique smooth texture and rich chocolate taste. These fully traceable drops are made in New Zealand from cocoa beans grown with care in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru.

Trade Aid is a social enterprise helping talented people around the world improve their lives through fair trade. Est.1973, New Zealand.

What our customers say:

  • “I cheated on my Christmas Baking this year and gave these out instead – everybody has been raving about how good they are!” – Toby
  • “Omg these Cookies are Devine they Melt in your Mouth so Yummy” – Tarly

Social ROI: Each bag generates at least 15 minutes of employment for a person with a disability.