Cookie Cups


$29.90 for 4 x award-winning cookie cups

The cookie cup is a delicious cup that is…. Edible!

It is made from the same dough from our butter cookies and it is entirely edible.

One sip. One bite. Ahh…..

It is a decadent culinary indulgence that represents sustainability and inclusion.


Our award-winning edible cookie cup is the first in New Zealand and a dream product come true for any chocolate fans.

It goes perfectly well with hot chocolate, coffee, ice cold milk, mousse or even ice cream!

The cup is made with five simple ingredients without any preservatives, additives, or colouring. We use only the best and award-winning premium butter by Lewis Road Creamery that gives the cup creamy butter flavour that is truly love at first bite.

Inside of the cup is thickly coated with the smooth texture and rich chocolate taste of organic, fair trade chocolate drops by Trade Aid.

It took our Chief-of-Cookies over 3 months of trial and error to get the perfect shape, structure, flavour, and chocolate coating.

Each cookie cup takes at least 20 minutes to hand made by our bakers and our Chief-of-Cookies:

  1. Mould the cookie dough into cookie cup trays by hand.
  2. Bake the cookie cups. This is where breakage and rejects happen.
  3. Cool the cups and at the same time melt chocolate drops.
  4. Thickly coat each cookie cup carefully with melted chocolate.
  5. Dip the lips of each cookie cup into melted chocolate for finishing touch.

If you are pairing with hot beverage, we recommend that you put the cookie cup in the freezer for 5 minutes before serving and ensure that the hot beverage is around 5o to 60 degree Celsius (typical flat white temperature). Otherwise it will melt the chocolate coating within minutes and crumble the cookie cup.

What our customers say:
“My understanding of exquisite pleasure changed forever. Yes, they’re that good.” – Lexie

Social ROI: Each cookie cup generates up to 20 minutes of employment for a Kiwi with disability. That’s up to $5.90 from each cookie cup that goes to our bakers as wages.