Eden Park Cookies


60 pieces for only $39.90 in a glass jar.

– The new flavour features our signature butter cookies with pistachio, cranberry and caramelised white chocolate.

– Named after Eden Park to acknowledge our world-class partnership and our new home right here at Eden Park.


Based on popular demand from our cookies fans, we’re making last year’s Santa’s Snack into a new permanent flavour and we’re calling them Eden Park Cookies!

COVID-19 crumbled our company and we survived the pandemic thanks to Eden Park for supporting us through a commercial partnership collaboration.

This delicious flavour is based on our signature butter cookies as a base and mixing them generously with pistachio, cranberry and caramelised white chocolate.

To find out more about how we came to partner with Eden Park, check out the Seven Sharp report:


Massive shoutout to the team at Eden Park particularly the world-class leadership of CEO Nick Sautner and his highly talented management team.

Ingredients: Butter, almond, cornflour, wheat flour, icing sugar, pistachio, cranberry, white chocolate.

We only use the most premium Kiwi ingredients like Lewis Road Creamery butter, and flour from Champion.

Allergen statement: Contains tree nuts and dairy. May be present: traces of egg, soy, honey, and sesame seeds.

Social ROI: Every purchase of Eden Park Cookies generates at least 30 minutes of employment for a Kiwi with disabilities.