Signature Butter Cookies (3 packs)

$41.70 $39.90

Price for 3 bags is $41.70

This is the genesis of The Cookie Project – the humble little cookie that sparked joy for everyone. It is made with our Chief Of Cookie’s own recipe using the simplest and cleanest ingredients without any additives, preservatives or colouring.


These are the only commercial cookies in New Zealand that are made with the best butter from our partner Lewis Road Creamery. To be at its best, butter only relies on one ingredient. Butterfat. Without it, you haven’t got real butter. However most ‘butters’ nowadays are sadly lacking in butterfat, and high in milk protein to meet the needs of mass production.

Lewis Road doesn’t do cheap imitations, so their Premium Butters are made to the exacting standards that a superior butter requires.

What our customers say:

  • “I LOVE shortbread and I swear they are the best cookies I’ve ever had!! #NomNomNom” – Catherine
  • “These are the best quality cookies you can buy and your purchase supports quality paid work experience for disabled New Zealanders. They are so much more than fabulous cookies! They are cookies with a conscious!” – Tanya

Social ROI: Each bag generates at least 15 minutes of employment for a person with a disability.