RSA Dippers (Anzac Biscuits)


The Auckland RSA and The Cookie Project are teaming up to make a difference this Anzac Day with the launch of The RSA Dippers:
– Our most impactful product at $8 a bag that generates impact, TWICE!
– Impact #1: Donates $1 to the Auckland RSA
– Impact #2: Generates 10 minutes of employment for our bakers with disabilities
– Co-designed based on Anzac biscuit recipe and perfectly balanced with bits of dried apricots.

Pickup available from Eden Park 5pm – 7pm Thu 22 Apr and 3pm – 5pm Fri 23 Apr.

One Standard Bag for $8
• 9 pieces
• $1 goes to the RSA
• Generates 10 minutes of employment

One Family Bag for $40
• 50 pieces
• $5 goes to the RSA
• Generates 55 minutes of employment

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The Auckland RSA and The Cookie Project are teaming up to amplify the impact of Anzac Day this year with the launch of The RSA Dippers – co-designed by the President of the Auckland RSA and our Chief of Cookies!

The RSA Dippers is a unique Anzac biscuit that includes bits of chewy dried apricots to give the perfect balance in sweetness and still enjoy the classic taste of Anzac biscuit. The RSA Dippers is the perfect biscuit for dipping in your afternoon tea or coffee.

We pay our deepest respect to all the New Zealand service personnel and their family by making this a zero-profit product and naming it “biscuit” to preserve the New Zealand undertone.


The Importance of Anzac Day

Anzac Day is observed on 25 April. The date marks the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers – the Anzacs – on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

It commemorates 2,779 New Zealanders and 8,700 Australians killed in war and honours returned and serving servicemen and women.

Source: New Zealand History Nga korero a ipurangi o Aotearoa


The Origination Of Anzac Biscuits

Contrary to popular belief there were no Anzac biscuits at Gallipoli. The standard Army biscuit at this time was a rock-hard tooth breaker also called a ship’s biscuit.

Although it’s a myth that Anzac biscuits were sent and eaten by troops in Gallipoli, some evidence suggests a rolled oats based biscuit was sent to troops on the Western Front, although this is not widespread.

The majority of rolled oats biscuits were in fact sold and consumed at fetes, galas, parades and other public events at home, to raise funds for the war effort.

This connection to the troops serving overseas led to them being referred to as “soldier’s biscuits”. Fundraising was coordinated by local Patriotic Funds, raising 6.5 million pounds for the New Zealand war effort.

The basic ingredients for a rolled oat biscuit were rolled oats, sugar, flour, butter with golden syrup, not eggs, used as a binding agent. This made them not only nutritious and full of energy but also long- lasting.

After WWI, the most popular rolled oat biscuit had the name and association of Anzac applied to it and thus the legend of the Anzac biscuit began.

Source: National Army Museum Te Mata Toa


The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RSA)

“Our mission is to remember and care for all those impacted by service for New Zealand” – The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association

Every day the RSA movement helps all service personnel and their families get the support they need.

The RSA was formed in New Zealand in 1916 by returning Anzacs during World War One to provide support and comfort for service men and women and their families.

Source: The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association



Both the Auckland RSA and The Cookie Project share the same home at Eden Park – New Zealand’s National Stadium.

The Cookie Project team would like to thank our Advisory Board member Mr Steven Yin from New World Metro for introducing us to Mr Graham Gibson (President of Auckland RSA).


Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to Mr Nick Sautner, the CEO of Eden Park for his compassion and kindness to support our ever-challenging journey to grow and scale up our impact as a self-funded social enterprise. Thanks to Nick’s support, we are able to continue to generate meaningful employment for Kiwis with disabilities to handcraft award-winning delicious cookies and getting paid a decent wage of NZ$20 an hour.


Ingredients: Caster sugar, wheat flour, butter, rolled oats, dried apricots, brown sugar, golden syrup, baking soda.

Allergen statement: Contains gluten and dairy. May be present: traces of egg, soy, honey, and sesame seeds.

Storage and shelf life: Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Best before: 3 months from purchase date.

Social ROI
– The Standard Bag: $1 goes to the RSA | generates 10 minutes of employment.
– The Family Bag: $5 goes to the RSA | generates 55 minutes of employment.