White Chocolate and Qranberry Cookies


Price for 3 bags is $30 (20 pieces per bag)

We’re introducing this delicious new flavour in honour of Quentin who is the founder of Quentosity who donated this very online store one year ago. This unique flavour is proving to be a new favourite for many of our cookie fans and we think you will be pleasantly surprised!


Story Behind This Product

The Cookie Project is a certified social enterprise built on great partnerships and genuine friendships.
A year ago, we were having some issues with launching our online store because we were held ransom by a naughty developer. With no funding and limited capital, co-founder Eric decided to asked for some help on LinkedIn.

Within 48 hours of the post, Quentin from Quentosity stepped up to the call and offered to give us a hand up by donating this entire website with e-commerce capability.

The team worked around the clock to help us launch our website within record breaking time of two weeks! That’s including all the planning, designing, coding, and testing. Talk a stroll down memory lane for a 3 minute clip of our website launch in 2019.

Since then, we’ve become great business friends and the Quentosity team continued to support us with award-winning retail packaging that real-person traceability for the first time in New Zealand’s food industry. We launched it in conjunction with a visit from the PM Jacinda Ardern on 9 August 2019.

The Cookie Project team

Photo credit: David Dunham Photography

This unique flavour is absolutely our new favourite! The white chocolate gives you a nice little crunch and the cranberry balance it with a hint of sweet and tanginess. As always, we are only using the most premium New Zealand butter by Lewis Road Creamery and free of preservatives, additives, or colouring.

Ingredients: Butter, almond, cornflour, wheat flour, icing sugar, white chocolate, dried cranberries.

Social ROI: Each bag generates approximately 15 minutes of employment for a Kiwi with disability.